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The ’placet’ team of physicians has performed more than 500 operations on more than 40 patients since 2001. These victims of terror came from Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kenya, Tajikistanand Mauritania. The operations successfully repaired maimed limbs and improved disfigurations caused by burns to the body and face.

In addition to providing bodily aid in the form of operations, we also assist our patients in dealing with the psychological trauma they have suffered.

We hire interpreters to facilitate communication between doctors and patients, as the patients are only able to speak in their native languages, as well as other assistants and caretakers.

The patients, many of whom are still children, are often accompanied to Berlin by a family member. They stay at the hospital and at a rented apartment that is made available to ‘placet’.  They receive clothing, food and drink, and everything else to cover their needs.

The patients then return to their home countries after their treatment is over.

You can find an excerpt of our Patient List under A-Z