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The charitable organisation ‘placet’ helps victims of terror in a number of ways. It cooperates with ‘Friedendorf International’ and the ‘German-Caucasian Society’, two organisations with direct ties to people in the countries where these victims of war and terror live.

The organisation is dependent on charitable donations.

Although the plastic surgeons operate for free, there are high costs associated with the patients’ hospital stays, medication, special rehabilitation, transportation, etc. Many of the patients have suffered such severe disfigurations that they require multiple operations.  The organisation arranges for their temporary accommodation in Germany and provides food and other daily necessities.

All of the organisation’s staff including the members of the board are unpaid volunteers.

Every expenditure is reviewed by the chairman. The use of donated funds is subject to the strictest level of due diligence and financial appropriateness. The organisation also collects material donations.

The expected costs, donations and expenses are made public in an annual budget prepared by the treasurer, Alexander A. Baé. The budget also provides for a contingency fund.

The next year’s budget is discussed and approved during the annual general assembly. The treasurer is also responsible for the organisation’s account. All payments are processed through the bank and the organisation’s account with proper documentation of all incoming and outgoing payments (including the reason and purpose for each transaction).

The treasurer, Alexander A. Baé, is a tax consultant and holds a degree in business administration. He has a firm understanding of tax laws and the organisation’s charter rules. As required by law, those responsible for the organisation’s finances present the accounts for an annual audit performed by elected members of the organisation.

The charter requires that the auditor’s report be submitted to the board in writing and the organisation’s financial situation be presented to the members. Furthermore, the board is prohibited from having any influence on the audit report.