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Prof Frank W. Peter and a number of fellow physicians founded the charitable organisation ’placet e.V.’ in 2001 to help people who do not have the financial means to pay for treatment and who are unable to receive the necessary medical care in their home countries.

The organisation works closely with other aid organisations, churches and private initiatives to establish contact with potential patients. The ’placet’ team of physicians reviews applications, documents and photos to select patients from the pool of candidates.

The patients and whoever may be needed to accompany them are flown to Berlin and housed in an apartment made available by ’placet’ free of charge. The placet staff also assists with all of the formalities and requirements of daily life during their stay. Interpreters assist in overcoming any language barriers.

The medical care and operations are performed in Berlin at the DRK-Klinikum Westend and Helios Klinikum Emil von Behring hospitals. Disfigurations, scars from burns, the loss of use of limbs, contractures, open wounds and other physical defects are treated during plastic surgery and micro-surgery operations.

In addition to providing functional reconstruction, the ’placet’ physician team works to restore the patient’s aesthetic appearance to help give them back a sense of human dignity.

At the same time, psychologists help patients deal with the psychological consequences of their injuries. This comprehensive treatment also helps promote the development of the patients’ personalities and intercultural perspectives.

Sustainability is very important to placet. This means that placet maintains long-term contact with all of its patients. Cases of severe disfiguration often require multiple operations and repeated treatment.