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Berlin club ‘placet’ and ‘WAXING FOR BEAUTY’ start cooperation.

‘WAX IN THE CITY’ supports plastic surgical treatment of a Chechian boy. The first joint project of `placet` and `WAXING FOR BEAUTY`, the non-profit organization of WAX IN THE CITY, was of benefit to a 16-year-old boy from Chechnya who got a total plastic surgery.

With 12,000 Euros the Berlin franchise company supported the treatment of the 16-year-old Eskirkhan Arsakhanov who was severely injured mainly in his face, neck and hands by an exploding land mine in a terrorist attack in Chechnya. The considerable donation supported `placet` to finance the complete stay of the boy in Germany from his arrival to his departure. This included his and his mother`s accommodation in `placet`s own flat in Berlin, the care for his social welfare and his medical treatment.

All doctors of `placet` worked as volunteers without pay. The treatment was done in the`Red Cross Hospital Westend` in Berlin. The first of a series of operations took place in March 2014. `placet` (Plastic Surgical Center for Victims of Terrorism) was established by a group of plastic surgeons, other medical specialists, lawyers, journalists and committed citizens in December 2001. The nonprofit organization helps victims of terror or war who are severely disfigured or disabled. These patients are treated in Berlin hospitals with extensive plastic reconstructive surgical means. In their home countries such a special medical care would not be possible. The patients are also supported by psychologists. Since its establishing the team around Prof. Dr. Frank-W. Peter has given back to almost 30 patients a more independent and dignified life. (More information to `placet`:  www.placet-berlin.de.)

WAXING FOR BEAUTY is the non-profit organization of Germany’s first waxing studio chain. Its goal is to help people who have lost part of their beauty ( intact body or face) because of war, violence, disease or accidents.                                                              ( A fixed amount of money for each waxing procedure in the WAX IN THE CITY Studios directly flows to the non-profit organization WAXING FOR BEAUTY).

“We are very pleased to work with WAXING FOR BEAUTY and WAX IN THE CITY” which both help us to help”said the first chairman of `placet`Prof. Dr. F.Peter. “Every day people are injured and maimed because of war, displacement, violence or torture . We want to give these people a new perspective. The more supporters we have the more victims we can help. An organization like ours needs partners like WAXING FOR BEAUTY “. Prof. Dr. Frank-W. Peter. Peter is a specialist in plastic surgery and runs a clinic at Berlin Wittenberg- Platz. His speciality is the surgical reconstruction of damages caused by burns.

Also Natasha Egel, representative of the selection committee of WAXING FOR BEAUTY and franchise partner WAX IN THE CITY , is pleased about the cooperation: “I very much hope that with our contribution we can improve the boy`s … situation. It’s unbelievable what he went through. That there are still so many innocent victims of terror and violence is shocking.”

“We are very glad that we can help with WAXING FOR BEAUTY ” added Christine Margreiter, one of the founders and CEO of WAX IN THE CITY.” We could hardly have found a better partner for WAXING FOR BEAUTY. For more than 10 years`placet` has been providing great work in the treatment of people who are victims of terror and violence. The sustainable approach to patient care as well as the comprehensive know-how of the entire team headed by Prof. Dr. Peter has impressed us right from the start.”

As part of this campaign, the Waxing Studios have donated the considerable sum of 12,000 Euros.