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The ‘placet e.V.’ society was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2001 by a group of renowned physicians and highly dedicated volunteers. The society helps provide medical treatment and care to people who have been injured, maimed and uprooted by acts of terror, war and torture in volatile regions of the world.

There is nowhere for these people to turn to for help in their home countries.

The surgeons in Berlin volunteer their time and talents to help these people. There are, however, a number of high material costs associated with performing these complicated operations, such as renting operating rooms, purchasing bandages, transportation costs, etc.

This is why we need your donation!

We also need your financial support and material donations to provide follow-up care in the form of bandages, rehab, food and clothing after the operation. Your volunteer service is also invaluable to us. You can help us by lending a hand or helping us clean facilities, assisting with public relations and advertising, etc.

We welcome whatever support you can give to our charitable organisation.

We are lucky to live in a democratic country free of the horrors of war, terror, oppression and fear. Let us use this opportunity to help those who are suffering under unbearable living conditions through no fault of their own.

 Help give courage, dignity and quality of life back to these maimed and injured human beings, many of whom are children and youths.